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Say You’ll Marry Me

Say You’ll Marry Me
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Truer words were never spoken, but Joy Dolinski needs a fake fiancé, and money is no object. Unfortunately, the one man who fits the bill turns her on with a hot kiss, then turns her down flat.

Though Logan Walsh desperately needs the half-million Joy offers to save his farm, pride refuses to let him be her charity case. Once he discovers why she asked for his help, a change of heart has the potential to change their future.


“Why are you here?” he demanded. “What do you want?”You.
But it wasn’t like she could come right out and say that. It wouldn’t sound right at all, and the way he’d hear it was definitely not the way she’d mean it. Her gaze swept down over his snug, faded red T-shirt and jeans. Then again—
No, don’t go there!
She jerked her attention back up. “I wanted to talk to you about my grandma. Yesterday afternoon…”
His anger eased slightly, giving way for a hint of sympathy. “Yeah. That was different.”
“Well, in her mind, you’re Luke. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse with you at the ranch every day.”
He stiffened as a frown furrowed his brow. “I’ve been at the ranch almost every day for a couple years now.”
“I know, but for some reason, she’s suddenly convinced herself that you’re Luke.”
“Great. So, what, am I fired? You want me to quit?”
Joy reared her head back in surprise at the return of his anger. “No, of course not. In fact…”
She trailed off as the rest of her sentence played in her head. Cripes, he would think she was as loony as her grandma. She cringed—sorry, Gram, I know you’re not crazy. But I think I might be.
“In fact, what?” Logan prompted.
She drew in a deep breath, and forged ahead. “I think I have a solution that might work for all of us.”
“And what would that be?”
“We can…play along with her.”
He stared at her as if she’d grown a second head. “You mean pretend to be engaged?”
His expression said no.
Not only no, but hell no.

Series: Welcome to Redemption Series, Book 10
Genres: contemporary romance, hometown romance
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