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There's Only Been You
Donna Marie Rogers

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by Donna Marie Rogers

RT Rating: 4 stars
Published: October 2008
Type: Contemporary Romance (E-book)

Love lost and found is the basis of this wonderfully heartwarming read. Throw in a years-old lie and a strong sense of family and it only gets better and better. A subplot concerning a dirty cop adds a nice mystery to spice up the story.

Summary: Successful businesswoman Sara Jamison owns a bakery, has a young son and a family consisting of several brothers and an uncle that she takes care of with ease. She's thrown into a panic, however, when she finds out her old love, Mike Andrews, has returned home to bury his father.

Years ago a friend of Sara's told her that Mike had gotten her pregnant. When he left town suddenly, Sara assumed the story was true and didn't tell Mike that she, herself, was pregnant with their son, Ethan. Sara's brothers soon find out that Sara's friend had shown Mike a doctored video of Sara that caused him to flee. As Sara and Mike find their way back together, they are waylaid by Jason Thomas, a dirty cop that Mike is investigating and with whom one of Sara's brothers had set her up on a blind date. (THEWILDROSEPRESS.COM, dl $6.00) HOT

~ Cindy Himler at Romantic Times

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There's Only Been You by Donna Marie Rogers
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (260 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 books

Malicious lies, drugs and a videotape are the reasons young lovers Sara Jamison and Mike Andrews have spent the last eight years apart, each believing the other betrayed them. Sara has no clue where Mike's been all these years, but she knows where she's been busy raising their son. Two weeks after he accused her of cheating and disappeared from her life, Sara discovered she was something she never expected to be, an unwed pregnant teenager. But with the love and support of her annoyingly alpha-male family, she's managed to make a good life for herself and her young son. She even owns her own business, Sara's Bakery, which she's built into a thriving success. Sure, she works too hard and her social life is nonexistent, but for the most part, she is content. Until the day Detective Mike Andrews walks into her bakery and back into her life.....

Mike Andrews left Green Bay with his life in upheaval, determined never to look back. But as closed off as he's become over the eight bitter years since his departure, even he can't ignore the death of his father. His homecoming doesn't settle at all well with Sara Jamison, his former flame. Through a complicated web of misunderstandings, their relationship shattered and he left too soon to find out that she was carrying his child. With the help of her protective brothers, she will do anything to ensure that her son, Ethan, stays away from the father he never knew, hoping Mike will do his business in Green Bay and go. But fate intervenes when Mike picks apart the web of lies that destroyed the love he and Sara shared and, when a dangerous man starts to get too close to the woman who never let go of his heart, Mike can't leave Green Bay until he's sure he has uncovered the whole truth and her safety is secure.

A well-thought-out story with an all-too-appropriate title, There's Only Been You has enough twists and turns to throw readers for a wild ride, but authoress Donna Marie Rogers does an excellent job of making it flow and keeps us turning pages one right after the other with her effortless prose and heartfelt characters. Though I would've loved to have seen Mike and Sara come together much sooner in the beginning, the main characters grab at the heart from the get-go. This is a story of forgiveness and as Mike and Sara learn to forgive each other, Ms. Rogers inspires us to forgive them, too. The relationship between Mike and Ethan is beautifully done as is the understanding between Sara and her brothers. I enjoyed my time with the brothers and never wanted to leave the Jamison house. Garrett was particularly enjoyable.

There's something for everyone in There's Only Been You—a classic tale of love and reunion, more than enough heat to warm those winter nights, a deep healing theme, and catchy elements of action and suspense. All in all, a touching, engrossing story I couldn't quite get enough of. I look forward to reading more Donna Marie Rogers soon!

~ Sweet Pea at Long and Short Reviews

There's Only Been You
Street Date: Out Now
Author(s): Donna Marie Rogers
Genre(s): Contemporary
Review Date: Oct 26, 2008
ISBN: 1-60154-327-1
Print Book Price:
E-Book Price: $6.00
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Score: 5 stars (5 out of 5)

Sara Jamison has done a pretty good job convincing herself she's completely over Mike Andrews. Years ago, he ripped out her heart by accusing her of cheating, which totally devastated Sara. Without even listening to what she had to say, Mike disappeared from her life. Not only did his desertion cut her to the core, but Sara also discovered she was pregnant with their son.

Over time, she builds her whole life around her son, her brothers and uncle, and her thriving bakery. Now, eight years later, Mike is back in town and Sara convinces herself she wants nothing to do with him. But how will she explain why her son looks just like Mike if he happens to get a glimpse of him while in town?

Why does Mike show up again in Green Bay after all these years? What does he have to say for himself once he comes face-to-face with Sara again? Could there be a slim chance that Mike still has feelings for her? Does he ever find out about his son?

I have to say Ms. Rogers outdid herself yet again. From the first page, I was pulled into the story and I remained hooked right until the last sentence. I absolutely fell in love with Sara because she's a survivor, turning a bad situation around and creating a happy home for herself and for her young son. On the flip side, Mike definitely pulled at my heart strings. I hated the fact he left Sara high and dry, but as you read along you realize every puzzle piece falls into place. As I understand it, this is the first book in the Jamison trilogy and I have no doubt Ms. Rogers will knock our socks off with book two. This author has a way of telling a story and pulling you in as if you're a character in the book seeing everything firsthand. I highly recommend this book and promise you won't be disappointed! But don't take my word for it. Pick it up and see for yourself.

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November 2008
There's Only Been You
Donna Marie Rogers
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: October 10, 2008
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Bookmark rating: 5 bookmarks

Sara Jamison and Mike Andrews had their lives torn apart, when a cruel plan to separate them was put into action. With only a videotape and lies as proof, they both end up coming to the wrong conclusion. Without a second thought, Mike decides to leave town and unknowingly leaves a pregnant Sara behind. Each of them goes on living their life with the belief that the other had betrayed them.

Now, eight years later, Sara runs her own bakery and, with help of her brothers and uncle, raises her son, Ethan. Sara has done her best to move on and forget about Mike. Although, it's hard to forget a man who's just come back to town for his father's funeral.

Detective Mike Andrews had no intention of coming face to face with Sara or her family of alpha men. He plans on only staying long enough to get things in order and leave the place that cost him so much heartache. But, after a run in with her brother has him questioning things of the past, will Mike stay long enough to find out what really happened eight years ago? And how will he react when he discovers Sara's own secret?

Saying that I enjoyed THERE'S ONLY BEEN YOU would be putting it mildly. Especially when I stayed up half the night to finish it, glued to the story. I absolutely loved this story of how two people try and rebuild a relationship after finding out everything they believed to be true was not only a lie, but had stolen eight years of their life together. There were moments I got teary eyed as I realized all they had lost out on.

Sara was strong heroine, who made the best out of a bad situation. She believes in protecting and standing by those she loves. This includes her son, from a man she wasn't sure she knew anymore.

In contrast, Mike was just living his life one day at a time. With no real family, Mike had missed the moments when he had been a part of Sara's own family. Now, with a he never knew he had, Mike is prepared to do all he can to keep this ready made family together.

The suspenseful subplot only adds to this story and keeps you intrigued as to where the story will turn. There's also definite heat between Sara and Mike, and while this is not an erotic romance, when these two do get together, it is definitely hot and spicy.

I had been looking forward to THERE'S ONLY BEEN YOU since I first read an excerpt online. At that time the release date was still a few months away and I started counting down. I must say, this story was worth the wait and did not disappoint. It had all the themes I enjoy as a reader; secret child, misunderstanding, alpha men, and men in uniform.

The way Ms. Rogers writes all her characters just pulls you in even more, and has you emotionally invested in their story.

Readers of contemporary romance will be thoroughly delighted in reading THERE'S ONLY BEEN YOU as Donna Marie Rogers delivers a tender tale of love, family, and second chances. I'm sure others will join in my great anticipation for her sequels.

~ Ali from Wild on Books

Title: There's Only Been You
Author: Donna Marie Rogers
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Champagne Rose
Length: 260 pages Spicy

Donna Marie Rogers has written a romance story that has it all. From the start, Donna pulls you into the world of Sara Jamison and you do not want to leave until you find out what is going to happen in the end. Sara is the one that holds her family together, from Uncle Luke to her young son Ethan. She is the heart of the family. The Jamison's are a very close-knit family, full of love and respect for each other. You can feel the emotions reaching out to you from each page.

Sara is a heroine that is easy to like and understand. She fights for those she believes in and will stand in the way of anyone who tried to hurt any of her boys.

Mike Andrews is the hero we all love to read about, the boy how grew up with insecurities and when put to the test as a young man; those insecurities win out over true love. Now a grown man, Mike is self-assured, strong and gook looking to boot. Once he finds out the deception that lead him to leave town in the first place and that he has a son he sets his mind on one goal. That of getting the woman back he has always loved and the son he never knew. In the mix, Mike has to investigate a crocked cop, one that has his eye on Sara. Sara's older brother doesn't help the situation by his distrust of Mike.

It all a great story and well worth the read. I'd be interested to read the stories of the Jamison boys at some stage.

~ Reviewed by Sandie Hudson at

ISBN # 1-60154-327-1
October 10, 2008
The Wild Rose Press
260 Pages
Contemporary Champagne Rose
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarah has moved on from her first real love. She had to, she was left pregnant and had her son to raise. She now owns her own business, a bakery that she loves. Her family is very supportive and protective. She has no clue where her ex, Mike, is and after what she believes he has done, she never wants to cross his path let alone tell him about his son.

Mike left Sarah and his abusive life behind when he was confronted with a video of her with another man. Broken-hearted at nineteen, he fled. But he has never gotten over her. With mixed emotions about Sarah festering, he finds he must go back home to deal with his dead father's affairs.

With broken hearts and lies between them, neither Mike nor Sarah is ready to see each other again. Events take a strange turn, and Mike must be told the truth about his son. And Ethan must be told that his Dad is alive. There is also a hidden danger lurking in Sarah's life that Mike needs to eliminate before things get even more dangerous.

There's Only Been You is a cute, tender love story. It has just the right amount of suspense and controversy to keep you on your toes. All the while, you enjoy the characters finding their way through what was a major act of revenge and learning how it shaped their lives up to this point in time. I liked reading this fresh and energetic book by Ms. Rogers. I look forward to reading the two upcoming books in this trilogy.

~ Matilda, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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